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Watching the game South Range just took a 14-7 lead with .42 seconds left in the first.

Ironton head to only 2 yards rushing in the first. 14-7 end of 1

Spectrum 1 in Ohio broadcasting every title game something KY should definitely do also.

It's Game Day!!!

I'm thrilled for the teams involved, and saddened to see this season is coming to an end.

Good luck to our mountain teams, and prayers for all teams for injury free contests.

Safe travels for those who are attending, and hopefully you will have amazing weather.

T’was the night before finals, when all through the town not a player was stirring, they dreamt of touchdowns.  The helmets were hung by their lockers with care, In hopes that a championship trophy soon would be there.

The players were nestled all snug in their bed while visions of victory danced in their heads. And the coach with his playbook sat in his lap, had just settled his brain and hoped for a nap.  When out in the internet there arose such a clatter, old men in the forums spoke like their opinions do matter.  

On the way to Kroger the bus drove with much care, for the driver knew he must make sure the team safely gets there.  Before bed the head coach, so lively and quick, was so nervous that night he got a little sick.

As the announcer prepared for the game he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name: Now! Panther, now! Ram, now! Cardinal, and Tiger, On! Centurion, on! Tiger, on! Red Hound and Rebel, Now! Bronco, now! Purple, now! Bulldog, and Charger. 

At the top of the press box to sat on the wall a giant camera ready to film all.  In that room were giant trophies ready to be claimed.  For this weekend the champions will be named.

And then after the battles the season will come to an end and the players will laugh and cry with a friend.  For the seniors, the journey comes to a close , but their futures are bright as everyone knows. When they leave field one last time and hold their parents real tight, win or lose they know that they fought the good fight.  As the players sleep in bed after being tucked, I say , Happy Finals to all, and to all best of luck!

This thread is dedicated to a lot of people. In particular, a lot of old farts who thought they knew what's best for Corbin football when, in fact, they didn't know sh!t from apple butter. In other words , four decades of good ol' boys and gals, whose decisions and actions have left Corbin wandering in the championship title wilderness for forty years.  Complicit among this hodgepodge of  self-delusioned, degenerate narcissists is the cabal of ego-driven brown-nosers and mental midgets who chased the best young coach in Kentucky out of town, with reckless disregard for the consequences.  There is really no other reasonable explanation for why a program like Corbin has gone more than half of a human being's average life expectancy without winning a single varsity state championship, other than the fact that a lot of adults who think they are smart, but aren't, have gotten in the way of that ultimate level of success.

I have really enjoyed watching the kids play this year. They are super-talented and relentless in their drive and determination to be the best they can be. I'm hoping they get the trophy that they so richly deserve.  If they come up short, the trophy will be hoisted ,yet again , by the team coached by a man who never wanted to leave Corbin, a man who all but begged for the opportunity to stay, only to be shown the door. "Super D" can take that "Straight A" report card , big bonus , and plaque he got from the Board puppets and, as the Rock would say, "shine it up real nice, turn that sum beech sideways and...  well, you know.

Anyway, hoping for the best for these Hounds. These kids deserve all the accolades of a state title win.  How long has it been since '82?  I'm glad you asked that question.

The top movies that year were:   

1. E.T. : The Extra-Terrestrial
2. Tootsie
3. An Officer And A Gentleman
4. Rocky III
5. Porky’s
6. Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Kahn
7. 48 HRS
8. Poltergeist
9. The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
10. Annie

Products introduced in '82:

1. Bud Light  
2. CD Players 
3. Commodore 64 
4. Diet Coke
 5. Drakkar Noir  
6. G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
7. Ms. Pacman
8. Nike Air Force 1
9. Pepi Free
10. Runts

Time Magazine' s "Man of the Year"  :     The Computer

Here's  my first long-distance dedication to Corbin's good ol' boy club. This song went to #1 in 1982, just as the Hounds were marching their way to #1 in 2A football.

This one hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100  forty years ago for John Cougar(back before he added the Mellencamp to his name) :

"Oh, let it rock, let it roll
Let the Bible Belt come and save my soul
Holdin' on to sixteen as long as you can
Change is coming 'round real soon
Make us women and men... "

# of state titles since '82:

Trinity - 21
Beechwood - 16
Highlands- 14
St. X - 13
Mayfield - 12
Danville- 10
Boyle - 10
Cov. Cath - 9
Male - 8
Belfry - 8
Bowling Green - 7
Pikeville - 7
Central - 6
Ft. Campbell - 3
Breathitt Co. - 3
Bell Co. - 2
Johnson Central - 2

Bourbon Co. - 1
Conner- 1
Nelson Co. - 1
Collins- 1
Pulaski Co. - 1
Middlesboro - 1
Hazard - 1
Heath - 1
Crittenden Co. - 1
Caldwell Co. - 1
Mercer Co. - 1
Somerset - 1

Corbin -  0

................................................ STOP THE MADNESS!!! .................................................   

 GO HOUNDS !!!!!   Grab that Trophy--- 1st  Since the Introduction of CD players and Diet Coke !!!!!

Just curious which site and stream would be the most reliable and also cost efficient ? I believe NFHS Network is 11.99 per month which suppose would give a person access to all of the games. I believe their is another site to thay carries it but the name of it evades me at the moment.  If anyone can give all of my choices to choose from thay would be much appreciated. Thanks. Also any Promo codes for a discount would be nice.

I am sitting here in my recliner with a fire roaring watching Tennessee's state football tournament games.

I wish Kentucky would televise our games!!

For those who think the Redhounds win the 4A title game, I'd like to hear why you think so.  Most of the computer rating systems--- CalPreps, MaxPreps,  Cantrall , TP94(BGP) give the nod to Corbin but these fan polls go pretty heavily for Boyle County. The computers like Corbin; the fans seem to favor Boyle. Who's right...  AI  or RI (Redneck Intelligence)  ???

Specifically, why do you think the Redhounds win the championship? I am particularly interested in hearing from folks who have watched both teams play multiple games. I have only seen parts of one Boyle County game(FD) and they were well overmatched in that game.

Also, for those who think Boyle will win, what makes you think the Rebs hand Corbin its first defeat?  Be specific , if you would , please.

The one big thing that worries me, as a Corbin fan, is what I perceive as a big advantage in the coaching department for Boyle. This game may come down to strategic coaching moves in some big spots, and that is a concern.  Also, I worry about Boyle and Haddix exploiting Corbin's secondary to break some big plays. Not saying it will happen but I do worry.

Tell me why I need not worry.  Why do the Hounds get their first state title in four decades?

Most of what I have gathered in the other thread is who likes smoked pork , beans, salmon, and taters. I think we all do. But why is Corbin gonna win this game?

Mike Holcomb has retired......WOW!

This is simple.  Who are you pulling for to win the championship in each class?

When their community suffers such a loss with their coach passing away, it’s hard to start a thread discussing who may be considered. 

I was told and then looked to notice the job is officially posted on the school website so it’s maybe less insensitive to discuss potential suitors for their job. 

I assume they hire from within their staff first? I don’t know what direction they’re leaning but I do think the job is very attractive and could be something that either an established coach or up and coming coach wants to apply for. 

Not many Somerset fans posted during the season. I’m hoping someone down there can give some thoughts about the way the administration might be leaning.

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