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Kentucky vs. Mississippi State - Predictions & Thoughts
If they play hard and stay focused, they can come out of Starkville with a W. If they play scared like they did on the road at Houston, it gets ugly.

I'm going to say,

Kentucky 75
Mississippi State 70
UK by 13
UK by 15
I think you guys are underestimating MSU. I'd love to beat them after how they beat us in the SEC tournament last season but they still have some really good players including Jamont Gordon, Rhodes, and Stewart. UK might win but they'll have to play good. Also need to take into account if Jasper or Meeks gets to play. If they do win I'll say it will be closer than double digits.
This will be a tough one for the Cats to win, Kentucky always seems to struggle against Mississippi State... I'll take UK by 3.

I'll take UK by 1 point. With this year team I'm not expecting any 15 point wins. After the way that UK played against Vandy I will never mention Tubby again.
ill say kentucky by 8
kentucky in a close one
i like the first predictions, uk 75 and miss st 70, i like that, and i believe i will go with it also. but if uk plays bad its going to be a long night.they cant afford to have bad games especially from seniors.but i believe their confidence is up and they are going to keep there head high and fight through this.
Jus want another Dub, GO CATSS!!!!
I think that the Cats have some confidence after the win against Vandy and I expect them to win this one by about 5.

Go Big Blue
Msu 69-63
I think Kentucky will be riding a huge wave of momentum going into their first conference road game of the season. I'll take the Cats by 5 in a physical game.
cats by 9
If Jasper or Meeks both play, then KY by 9, but if not MSU by 2

MSU is so physical down low and pounds wins out! There kind of style can hurt UK and has hurt them this season with teams that matchup like MSU when playing Kentucky. All acoording if Kentucky comes out running in which they should. If they can do this and control there style of play, then I will say Kentucky by 6. Going to be a good one!
If UK comes out with the tenacity and intensity they had with Vandy, they should win by 10 points or so.
As stated above, the seniors must be having good games or the offense just doesn't operate.
This is tough to predict not knowing who will play. Losing Jasper to injury almost cost us the Vandy game, so it will be tough to win if he and Meeks are both out.

I also don't see this game with a score in the 70's as some have predicted. This will be a grind-it-out affair, and I'll say...

Kentucky 64
MSU 61

I like the Bulldogs chances tonight.I'll say Bulldogs-65 Cats-57
uk by a thousand or 6.....
I'll say UK by 4... go cats!!!!
**Send me a pm if you have any questions or comments**

uk in a close 1
A few early observations...

Coury sucks and were playing with some intensity for one of the first times this year.

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