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Happy 4th of July , BGR !!!!!
************************   HAPPY  4th EVERYONE  *************************

I hope all of my friends on here(and that means everyone here)  have a happy, safe, and blessed Independence Day with family and friends.   STAY SAFE!!!

You have any favorite songs you like to listen to on the 4th ?

Make every afternoon be a delight, folks. Our time here is short. I've lose my mother and stepdad in just a few months. Hold those that are dear to you close to your heart and love them every moment of every day . Hey, and grab a little afternoon delight whenever you can.    I can't believe how fast time flies. Make the days count.

Happy Red, White & Blue day , BGR!!!

My favorite song of the 60's. Just as relevant today as it was back then. America needs to pay attention before it's too late. We are trouble as a country. It starts by replacing the hate with love. I can't think of anything more patriotic than loving one another.

Happy 4th of July to you, OSH. I hope everyone had a good one.
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Hope everyone had a wonderful fourth!!!

I ate too much, as usual!

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