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Dan Hurley to be named the next coach of the Lakers
It is reported that Hurley and the Lakers are in talks to be their next head coach. I guess after what both he and his wife really did not mean that they never wanted to leave the east coast. I guess this means that the Lakers is a bigger job than Kentucky.
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This just doesn't seem like a good fit culturally. Think he'd be a much better fit for a New York, Brooklyn, or someone else. Basically anyone but the Lakers really. If this goes down, I don't know that it ends well because the kinds of things that seem to make Hurley a good coach aren't the same things that make Los Angeles a good job.

Lake Show better build in another quarter million in salary for all the fines he's going to get for interactions with the refs.
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It's official.
Just seen a report where UCONN has made an offer to Hurley, which would make him the third highest paid coach in College Basketball.
Officially official now, Hurley turns down the Lakers job, will remain head coach at UCONN.

Have to say this is indeed the right move, he is at the the mountain top of College Basketball at the moment, and more than likely going to be paid like it too now.
I'm not sure I could say "no" to $70M plus the frills.
(06-10-2024, 04:21 PM)Granny Bear Wrote: I'm not sure I could say "no" to $70M plus the frills.

Sure would be tough to turn that down, especially since the Lakers offer was over double of what he currently makes at UCONN right now, but I'm sure that'll change very soon and Hurley will be one of the highest paid in all of college basketball.

Can you imagine Hurley, whos temperament is different from most coaches, going off on Lebron James or Anthony Davis? Or pushing one of the Laker players like he did one of hos UCONN players in the National Championship game, while the game is live? That would not bode well at all, and could only imagine how bad he would be w/ the refs, the over would hit big time in fines for him. 
Honestly, this is probably best for both parties.

Too many extreme changes (East to West Coast; college to pro game) made this a bad fit from a cultural and personality perspective. Regardless of what's being reported, I would think that this and, most importantly, the amount of control he had over the front office were the breaking points.

Hurley will have other pro opportunities and more time to build his brand in the college game.

When he inevitably makes the jump, it will be interesting to see how he does in the pro game and how much power his GM and front office give him. Like it or not, you aren't able to approach coaching college and professional players the same. I could also see him running into issues with the pro officials, because you can't berate them or use some of the intimidation tactics with them that you can get away with more at lower levels.

Short of something truly scandalous, even if he goes to the NBA and falls flat on his face, big time college programs will be lined up waiting to welcome him back.

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