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Justin Jefferson

Jefferson becomes the highest paid wide receiver, and highest paid non-QB player in the NFL. 

4 years, $140 million, $110 guaranteed. 

Jefferson is by far one of, if not the best receiver in the NFL, but is he worth this kind of money? Minnesota obviously thinks so, and inked him up for the long term.
Aint worth it, but its the going rate in the NFL.
(06-03-2024, 05:46 PM)plantmanky Wrote: Aint worth it, but its the going rate in the NFL.

I agree, don't think it's worth it for a receiver either, especially when you look at the other highest paid non-QB players. 

Nick Bosa- 49ers
Chris Jones- Chiefs

Two of the best defensive players in the game, who have much more of an impact, and their #1 job is to get to the QB. 

This definitely sets the market for wide receivers, and Jamar Chase will get the bag next. 
Safe to say that all the chips have been pushed in on their QB experiment with JJ McCarthy and Sam Darnold. No excuses for sustained failure with Jefferson and Addison. They should be in a position to know if they want to build further or tear it all down pretty quickly.

Cap hit really hurts in the third and fourth seasons, but they'd still have McCarthy's numbers under control then and seem to be in good cap space otherwise. I'm also wondering how creative they could get in restructuring his deal if needed.

From a strategic standpoint, it's an already competitive division with Detroit and Green Bay, but we don't know that Jordan Love takes the next step or that a Lions team without lots of stars didn't catch lightning in a bottle. Chicago may be good in time... or just remain terrible. Can see why you think you could contend or at least wouldn't want to risk being the worst in your division.

From a fan satisfaction point of view, it'd be tough to go through a Randy Moss scenario again. They'd floated his name on the market around the draft. I don't know how serious they were, but the return they were looking for must not have been there.

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