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Music Thread: I'm Blown Away By This Cover!!! What Do You Think?
To my buddies, Jet, VH  and other lovers of 70's music, let me know what you think of this Carpenters' cover by Tori Holub. I think she's about 20 years-old. I never thought I'd hear a reincarnation of Karen Carpenter's unique voice . Tori comes the closest I've ever heard to Karen. You guys know how much I love Karen Carpenter. I think she had the purest, most beautiful sounding instrument of all time. Nothing compares to her. I am still haunted by her tragic passing at such a young age. This rendition, literally, brought tears to my eyes.

What do you think of this cover of one of Karen's signature songs?

Here's Karen in a 1971 performance for comparison .

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Dang OSH thanks a lot. Didn't have tearing up on the schedule first thing this morning. That girl needs to be touring if she isn't already.
Jet, are there some covers of classic pop/rock songs that you like almost as good or better than the original?

I always loved this rendition better than Springsteen's original In fact, I like this live performance better than the great studio version. Can't beat the ol' Midnight Special !!! This performance was fire!!!

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