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Powell County 9 Estill County 4
Final from Irvine.

Powell pitched their two best players in Dicken and Nickell. Estill threw sophomore Logan Friend before going to Chaney.

Powell jumped out to a 3-0 lead. Estill got things figured out in the 4th when they tied it at 3-3. Powell re-took the lead at 4-3 in the 5th. Estill came right back adn tied it again. Once Powell retook a 5-4 lead and built on to it and Estill never could recover. 9-4.
Powell had three errors. Estill only had one earned run. Estill strategy of throwing a slower pitcher worked for a large part of the day. Estill still impressed me as far as quality at bats and played good defense. I think last year when estill pitched hix powell hit him well. Neace has been the one who had gave powell headaches.
Estill never shows Powell anything in the regular season as far as arms go. This game was telling that Estill can get to Powell's best. That will be important come District time.
I don’t think 4 hits is technically getting to Powell’s best. Estill has struggled with begley the last few years and he didn’t even pitch. Estill only really threatened in one inning and that was with two bunts. I think estill is pretty decent but I don’t think they have anything that powell hasn’t seen. Only pitcher that powell has struggled with of Estill’s is the left handed Neace kid. Don’t know why estill would hold kids. District is over a month away. I’ll be watching when these two play again. Should be another good game.

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