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Food City 500
I haven't been a NASCAR fan since the death of the goat.  I do remember back in the day it was very hard to get tickets to races at Bristol.   I was watching some highlights of the Food City 500 yesterday and noticed the stands looked almost 50% empty.  I know that is an issue with most sports now, but how bad has attendance been down in NASCAR events and specifically NASCAR?
As some one who used to go the all star race and 600 at Charlotte every year for a decade plus, both richmond races, both bristol races, and a couple others each year............

NASCAR SUCKS A BIG FAT............................

They have ruined it, I stopped even watching it on tv years ago. From silly stages on the track, to moving dates around, to removing tracks from the schedule, its pure horse piss of a sport now. Its saved me a ton of money and a camper I no longer needed and sold.
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NASCAR used to be so fun to watch and there's a lot of personalities to follow in the sport right now but the product of the actual race is just bologna and no fun to watch.
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NASCAR was great but they started taking races out of the South and moving them to Chicago Kansas City etc...then they went woke with the noose hoax where the FBI got called in etc...don't care in the least anymore. Going to take my youngest daughter to a Daytona race at some point but that's it. I don't even know/care where they race each week anymore. Last race I went to at Bristol every seat was taken. Sad.
And obviously no Dale Earnhardt hurts bad. No telling how many fans only kept up because of him.
(03-18-2024, 06:41 PM)jetpilot Wrote: And obviously no Dale Earnhardt hurts bad. No telling how many fans only kept up because of him.

I am one of those people.
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