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Everyone forgets passwords from time to time, but we are starting to have issues with members of this site forgetting their passwords and then, starting new accounts.  This has obviously led to some members having multiple accounts.  This is a violation of rule #8 of the site which states that accounts will require a valid email address for set-up. Any duplicate accounts linked to a same IP address will be terminated.  

As Administrators, we are required to check the ip address of every new account.  If the new account matches the ip address of an account already in existence, an administrator will private message the new member and ask if they already have an existing account.  It is very important for you to respond to the private message.

If you forget your password, contact an administrator of the site, and we will be happy to reset your password.  If you are unable to contact an administrator, start a new account, then IMMEDIATELY notify an administrator and explain the situation.  Then, you will be given a few options.  (1)We can change the password to your old account and delete your new account.  (2)We can combine your old account and new account. (3)We can delete your old account, and you can keep your new account.  If you choose to start a new account without notifying an administrator in regards to an old account, you run the risk of receiving a lifetime ban from the site.

If you have an old account, feel free to private message an administrator, and we will be happy to close the old account for you.  Thank you.

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