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Jason Chappell Steps Down at North Laurel
Coach steps down today. Anybody have any insight on this ??
Heard I’ve took a principals job in Whitley Co.
Nothing wrong with moving up the chain. We all do it from time to time. I wish him nothing but the best.
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Nope , nothing wrong with that
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NiL deal at the office
Moving up the ladder we heard at the basketball game the other night. Also Heard some interesting names being thrown around for North Laurel head coach's job! It will be interesting to see just where this goes. NL has some good young players coming on in the next few years, a coach could start building a program there for sure!
I can remember hearing that Chappell wouldn’t last at North Laurel long enough to coach a group from Freshman year to a Senior year before he even started at NL. It seems they were right… very surprising to see considering the young talent NL has. I hope North can find a long term coach this time around and not a place holder with sights set on his next move.
Have to think some of those interested in the Pulaski Co job would be interested here.
(02-19-2024, 06:14 PM)Chapin Wrote: Heard I’ve took a principals job in Whitley Co.

You have? Congratulations, Waterboy!
Chappell is going to Perry to join Dixon. Chappell will be principal at one of the Perry Schools.
heard theres mutual interest with mikey haynes long track record as an assistant at a very good program would be a great hire imo
Chappell is a great hire for Whitley He will do a great job at helping build the program.
Heard that before.

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