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EA Sports College Football game
Ea's game will release in July of 2023. This will be the first college game since 2014.
EA Sports College Football now has a 2024 release .
Article Written by James Parks
May 25, 2023 10:01 AM EDT

What to expect

"They were asking how often I see this happen [in recruiting] or how should we do this or that, and I will tell you,because I've seen kind of some of the back of the interfaces of what they're working on and stuff, it is going to be awesome," Wasserman said on the Andy Staples Show.

"They're doing it in a way where you're not just going to get a Madden engine with the college uniforms. Like they are really trying, and I think the reason why they delayed it a year was that they wanted to make sure that when the game finally made its return, that it wasn't just some crappy knockoff of Madden, and that it was its own thing.

"Like the dynasty mode and like recruiting, and rankings and territories and all the things that we talk about on this show is going to be represented to some extent in the video game."
ea sports ncaa college football game
Huge decision reached in EA Sports College Football video game
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Dynasty Mode

Matt Brown, publisher of college football newsletter Extra Points, has reported that EA is investing more resources into creating a more in-depth Dynasty Mode, with someone at the company saying Dynasty will be the "flagship game mode for EA Sports College Football."

For those who haven't played the old NCAA Football for a while, Dynasty Mode gives players the opportunity to essentially create their own college football program.

That means you can do everything from creating the team that goes on the field to the entire recruiting process.

Dynasty was the de facto mode of the game for several years, and one popular with players who wanted to build lesser-known programs into national championship contenders, and it appears to be a vital part of the game set to come out next year, too.

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