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Kentucky Baseball 2020
We're predicted to have one of the highest powered offenses in the SEC this season, but who knows if our pitching will be good enough to allow us to win games. Still a young team this year but hopefully we aren't the second worst team in the conference for another season. Anybody else have any predictions?
Estep freshmen from Corbin hit first home run the other day.
It's going to be a long year for Kentucky baseball.

I'm not sure Nick Mingione survives past this season and I hate it for the guy, because he seems like a wonderful man, but he has not worked out great so far at UK. Had 11 players drafted after his first season, more than any other college that year and still missed the NCAA tournament and just haven't rebounded since.

Tons of talent in Kentucky and word his these coaches haven't been jumping on these guys until it's too late. Louisville is hand picking whoever they want in the state and they've had a eye for talent because they've been recruiting a lot of the local guys for years.

Hope things turn around, because they have the new Kentucky Proud Park and just haven't been able to turn out a good enough product to get the people excited enough to really start showing up.
Yeah, I don't see Mingione surviving past this year. Hard to come back from getting swept by UNC-Wilmington.

I have to admit, I thought he was a great hire when he first started. His first year they hosted a regional and advanced to super regionals for the first time ever. Things were trending up. But the first sign of trouble was the 2018 season, when they had all those future MLB draft picks and were ranked #6 in the preseason. Then they went 13-17 in the SEC and missed the NCAA tournament entirely.

Of course, the bottom dropped out last year, and it doesn't look like things are any better this year. It may be time to move on unless the team shows signs of progress.


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