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Middle School & Youth state wrestling tournaments (2/1 & 2/2) @ Pikeville
Come out on Feb. 1st & 2nd to the Appalachian Wireless Arena in Pikeville, KY to watch the 2020 Middle school & Youth state wrestling tournaments.

Wrestling begins @ 9am EST.
Check out my YouTube channel.
Should be interesting, hearing illness is taking a told with teams and wrestlers dropping out.
Pikeville was ground-zero for Kentucky Wrestling this past weekend. Over 1,400 wrestlers for the two-day event.

Friday night & Saturday night was near the level of hillbilly days crowds in the restaurant/shopping areas.

I will give major props to the Appalachian Wireless Arena (A.W.A.) & the city of Pikeville. I saw signs up in town with the Kentucky USA Wrestling logo saying "WELCOME ATHLETES".
The A.W.A. is a great venue for wrestling.
- Running 10 mats made the days move so much faster.
- Plenty of seating, concession stands & restroom facilities.
- Hospitality room was nice & great food.

I'm sure there some issues (that can be corrected now that we know what to correct) that people will try to make it sound like the venue is terrible, but I would give the A.W.A an overall score of 9.2 out of 10.

- More security staff is needed to keep people off the mat/floor area.
--- Only having one entry way on to the floor/mat area in the back of the arena & at the front of the arena by the head table would solve that issue.

- The microphone/speaker system needs some adjustments.
--- The speakers sounded great in the stands, but real muffled on the floor area.
Check out my YouTube channel.

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