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Hazard 34 Paintsville 0
Final in the 7th and 8th grade.
Anyone know if Paintsville quit and walked off the field before game was over. Heard this happened but they didn’t know the story behind it.
They had a couple players get banged up and ended up not having enough to finish the game. Nothing unsportsmanlike or anything.
Only have 12 kids out for the team?? That’s crazy. Goin be a long fall with a small roster.
I think they had around 15 but some didn’t have up to date physicals. I could be wrong on that.
Paintsville played in a scrimmage last week against Betsy Layne A team and they only had 15 players and all weren’t suited up. So I can attest to them not having enough players if they had some injuries to some guys.
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Is 41 for hazard back yet?

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