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2019/2020 Preseason 285lb Wrestling Rankings
Attached is this years Preseason Heavyweight Rankings (285lbs). My boy Ethan Wolford finally getting some love. What do you guys think of the heavyweight rankings?
Wouldn't let me attach the file but here are the Top 19. What do you guys think? Region in parentheses.

1 Tucker Shelton - Larue County. (2)
2 Dejuan Watkins - DeSales. (3)
3 John Stone - Ashland. (8)
4 Israel Tshiunza - F D. (7)
5 Blake Young - Oldham. (5)
6 Giovanni Watson - Bryan Station. (7)
7 Ian Hughes - Simon Kenton. (6)
8 Derek Hager - Madison Central. (7)
9 Zac Stray - Lafayette. (7)
10 Ethan Wolford - Belfry. (8)
11 J'Quaye Effinger - Valley. (3)
12 Michael Manning - Cov. Cath. (6)
13 Mason Lesane - Seneca. (4)
14 Jo Jo Pruitt- N. Bullit. (3)
15 Davis Pike - Union. (1)
16 DeShaun Stevenson - Holmes. (6)
17 Say Moe - Davies Co. (2)
18 Dominic Rulli - Cooper. (6)
19 Hunter Arthur - Campbell. (6)
I think that Russell should start a wrestling program. It would help with football imo.
Congratulations to your boy #55PirateFan.
GOREDDEVILS Wrote:Congratulations to your boy #55PirateFan.

Thanks my friend. I really appreciate it. I think Ethan has grown to love wrestling just as much, if not more, than football. He was really disappointed when he wasnt ranked at all last year after going 40-11. Then he qualified for State going 2-2 and made it to the final day beating two top 20 wrestlers and still got no love. But it's all good. We were more than pleased that he was in the preseason Top 10 this year. His record right now is 69- 24 with a winning pct. of .742. His goal is to make All State, which is the final Top 8 at the end of the year, and get to the 100 win mark. He's just 31 wins away from that goal. If he stays healthy he should get there. And thats a huge accomplishment for a high school wrestler. Especially one who never wrestled in his life until his Freshman year. Don't mean to rattle on brother. I'm just so proud of my boy. If you knew him 5-6 years ago you'd laugh if I told you he'd be an athlete. He was short, fat, wore glasses, and was picked on up until 7th grade. Now he's 6'3" 285lbs of muscle and is ranked as one of the top linemen in the state and now is a top wrestler as well. Not to mention he has 8 offers to play college football and has already committed to play for Concord University, a D-2 school in the Mountain East Conference on a full ride. Not bragging at all. Man we're just so proud of him. Thanks for all the kind words you've said about him. Here and on the football forum. Guys like you is why I love this site. You my friend are first class!
GOREDDEVILS Wrote:I think that Russell should start a wrestling program. It would help with football imo.

I'm going to tell you something brother. For Ethan, wrestling was the best thing that he could have ever done for help on the football field! His Freshman year Coach Heywood ask him to wrestle. Ethan was struggling with his feet work, hands, and hip movement. I thought he was crazy but I told Ethan if he wanted to try it that it could only help. By his Sophomore year we saw a huge difference. Not only was he better on his feet, he got nasty hands and his hip movement improved 100% and he was slinging defensive lineman like they were nothing. Not only that his speed shot through the roof. Wrestling was the best move he ever made. And I'll be honest, if it wasnt for wrestling he'd never be the football player he is today. And that's a fact. And probably wouldn't be going to college either. I wish every school would buy in to the program. Just look at Johnson Central. They have one of, if not the best wrestling programs in the state. And Coach Matney runs both programs himself. And I do believe that's why they are so dominant on the football field to. I really hope Russell gets a program. You guys would see a world of a difference, especially line play. I've always liked and respected Russell football. And I'm always cheering you guys on if were not playing. Good luck to you guys on a great and injury free season.
Thanks and good luck to Belfry this season. Hopefully Belfry has an injury free season.
There certainly is no question about the top 2.

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