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Use of Text Messages by Coaches May Be Banned...
An NCAA committee has approved a measure banning the use of text messaging in recruiting, potentially closing a loophole that has been used by coaches since the technology became widespread.

This week, the organization's Division I Management Council approved the proposal, submitted by members of the Ivy league, and forwarded it to the Division I Board of Directors for consideration at their April 26 meeting in Indianapolis.
I think text messaging is just another method used by coaches to recruit, but at times it can get a little ridiculous. I mean, Willie Warren, the 2008 recruit sought after by Gillispie, said he received a text message after 1:00 IN THE MORNING!!! School is still in session. These kids have classes and grades to focus on from 8:00 am - 3:00 pm 5 days a week. I know my professors don't allow text messaging, I can't imagine how irritating it is for HS teachers. And who pays the text messaging bills that these recruits have to pay? I would assume it would be illegal for a coach to do such a thing. I like that it is available for coaches to use, but it would be better if monitored. But I don't see how text messaging could be monitored, so I guess doing away with it wouldn't be so bad. There's nothing wrong with e-mails, letters, and phone calls.
It needs to be controlled... no doubt about it...
I think that restrictions should be put on it. Limit them to x amount a month. Maybe the NCAA committee could see their bill and see exactly how many were send or even to which number and it could be kept up with that way. I don't think that coaches should light up kid's phones at all hours or the day and night. There should be restrictions on the time frame in which they can text. As far as students texting them back, responding to 5000 texts a day could get really expensive. I don't know what to do about that though. I guess just let them response to whichever wants they want but they don't have to respond to all of them because that could really rack up a bill if they didn't have unlimited texting.

Yeah it is getting way out of hand. Seems texting is the new thing to do not only with coaches, but everyone.
should be regulated as if it was a phone call to a recruit

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