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2018 Soccer World Cup
I have NEVER watched an entire professional soccer game from start to finish. This year though, I am watching every second of every game I can.

The summer of 2014 was a very bad time for me. Not gonna get in to the specifics, but just know that starting in mid-June 2014, my life took a 90 degree nosedive. The world cup was being played and the UK basketball team had their first trip to The Bahamas.

Sleepless nights, no rest when I finally got to rest, not being able to eat but just a few times less than once a day, a complete detachment from everything in my life other than just about three people......... life was not fun.

So with all of that said, bring on the world cup and I'm gonna enjoy every second of it. Thank God He has the power to change your situation.
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The same case with me, but this time I have watched almost 10 complete matches and 2 of them involved penalty shootouts.
I must say a great time to be alive.
Also, any predictions on who might win.
Russia was playing great but now it boils down to the actual game.
My odds are placed on England.
Belgium all the way.
Don't find here Champions League's thread and can not start new, so I post it to this thread.

Guys, today will be the second match Liverpool vs Barcelona (the first 3-0 to Barca). How do you think does Liverpool has any chances to be in final.

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