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Knott County Tennis
[Image:] Bolz the tennis team is hot as ole grammys taters boi! Ole Fatpat tried to watch a tennis match one time and got dizzy after one set baby and hit the ground wide freaking open! Knott County Ambulance service showed up with some tater sauce and brought ole Fatpat back! Watching that lil ball reminds ole Fatpat the time when grampy took ole Fatpat to the psychiatrist! Ole Psychy tried to trick ole Fatpat to watch the swinging pendulum! Ole Fatpat started getting sleepy and dreaming of tater fields bruh! #trickery #swinghardorgohome #tennypatsrocks More mash taters please!!!
[Image:] Boi this what ole Fatpat talking about brutha! Ole Trumpy heard about Pats advancing to stata and Air Force one dropped the ole POTUS off at the BOE! Ole Trumpy couldnt keep up with the big rackets of the Pats baby! Wowza! Trumpy said big guy we need the entourage in the oval office! Triple Wowza! #makingtennisgreatagain #hardwaretime #rackets&taters More mash taters please!!!

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