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Matt Figger
I was checking out South Alabama's website and saw that he was a native of Jenkins and is an assistant under John Pelphrey. Can anyone from Jenkins fill us in on what kind of player he was in high school.
Matt Figger lived 1/2 mile from me growing up. He never played high school basketball. He played wide reciever for the Jenkins football team. Graduated in 1988 there, was best friends with my older brother, worked his way up the JC ranks as a strength and conditioning coach..but he never played HS basketball at Jenkins..Glad to see him doing as well as he has. I know his sisters Patti and Sonja, and his younger brother, William, who I played HS football with. His entire family are absolutely SUPER people, and he is as well..I think he donated his hair to Pelphrey, lol..or it looks like he did anyways..way to go Matt!
congrats matt
Its always been said that some of the better coaches may have never played a down/made a basket/took a swing in their lives. It always makes me feel good to see local people grow up and become prosperous in their profession. Congrats to him and the Jenkins community.
GREAT STORY that is untold and unheard of!

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