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Lacrosse in Eastern Ky
I was watching a couple of college lacrosse games recently on ESPN and got to wondering why lacrosse isn't played in Eastern Ky. Is it lack of knowledge about the game itself? Lack of interest? Lack of athletic department funds? When I was in high school we took a survey of sports that we would like to see added and soccer and lacrosse were the top choices. In fact a group of us nearly had the AD talked into fielding a team. The reason we were unable, according to the AD, was that the logistics of it were going to cost the school and the board of education a tremendous amount of money for travel. The closest teams at the time were in Lexington. Do you think that we will begin to see a growth in the sport particularly in the eastern part of the state? Have you heard of any schools expressing interest in fielding a team?
I think it is a combination of lack of knowledge of the game, lack of interest, and lack of money. Youth lacrosse is very popular where I live in Eastern North Carolina, it is almost as popular as youth football. However, the equipment is quite expensive. I checked about my son playing, the cost of the equipment costs over $200 to start out.
Football equipment costs much more than $200 per player, but most football teams are subsidized.
I would be willing to referree this sport and probably be the best

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