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Anyone been fishing?
Nope not yet but getting the itch pretty bad. Confusednicker:

Living The Dream!!
I used to fish all day everyday growing up. As I have gotten older, I been fishing less and less. I would like to fish some, but I am afraid to because we have alligators in fresh waters here in Eastern North Carolina and I don't have the equipment to fish in the ocean. I do miss fishing at times would like to do it more.
I saw where they caught the Tenn. state record large mouth last week at chigamauga ( thats as close as I can get lol) over 15lbs. That got my juices flowing. I have put new line on,oiled everything up,and put bait on every rod I have while setting in the window watching it snow. Even called my buddy to see if he wanted to go to Florida as soon as the roads clear.
I haven't been yet, but it has been killing me to go. Hopefully it'll start to warm up and stay warm!
Been a few times this year and ain't caught nothing worth talking about lol
Small mouth are biting good on Cherokee
I fished Laurel lake 22nd and 23rd of Dec. we caught 27 fish in the two days all where Smallmouth biggest being 5'11 bruiser, almost all fish was keepers with just a couple throwbacks. Fished Cherokee 30th of Dec. caught 9 Smallmouth and 1 largemouth all fish was in the 15" range except 1 Smallmouth that went 4'01". Hope to get to go a couple more time before spring.
What were you using Info? They been burning the smallies up at Cherokee last month or two.
Football_Maniac Wrote:What were you using Info? They been burning the smallies up at Cherokee last month or two.

Minnows, and drop shot, they started out wearing the Minnows out. Then they just quit. The last couple hours all fish was caught on a drop shot.
Anyone having luck at paylakes yet??
Ive been fishing on the weekends in my area. I caught a few minnows.
Yes, I and my Friends are planning to fish. We have a boat and other equipment But we are still waiting If the weather Condition becomes suitable for fishing. Mostly when we visit the reiver the weather condition was not suitable for fishing and we are unable to catch too much fish.
I catfish the Ohio River from the bank anytime I can.

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