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Area 51
. It's actually a complicated topic but I do believe in aliens and the fact that they have been here and that the pyramids and that the Stonehenge are some things that can prove it.
(09-04-2012, 08:17 AM)Backwoods Wrote: I watched a documentary the other day and the claim was that the moon was a very colorful place with almost all of the colors included. Why then did the astronauts on the first moon landing claim that the moon looked like plaster of paris and devoid of color? Also whenever you see a government picture of the moon,why are the stars blacked out? Why,after the first three tmes we went to the moon have we not went back? If you've ever looked at the anomalies that trailed the lunar module,circled it and made many twists and turns that obviously showed intelligence in thier manuverablity (sp),then you have to come to the conclusion that there are either another country in space that is more advanced than we are or that there are other intelligent life forms out there. Some people believe the moon is inhabited by aliens. After seeing this documentary,I'm not so sure that there isn't.
All these moon questions have been answered and explained by NASA and scientists numerous times. For instance, the reason you can’t see stars in moon pictures has to do with the light, shutters, and so forth. If they took a picture that showed the stars it would allow too much light on the close objects such as the astronauts and spacecraft. They would appear as a big white blob. So in order to get a clear picture of the moonwalk the cameras had to be set to control the amount of light, and to do so meant the background sky would appear black.

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