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Information regarding the Word Filter Censor.
The word censorship filter is ENABLED by default for all Users and Guests!

IMPORTANT!! This word filter will "ATTEMPT" to censor commonly used text profanity by replacing text with asterisks. We do got guarantee it will censor all profanity, and we do not guarantee that it will not malfunction.   

Currently, the option to DISABLE the existing word filter is not ready on this new forum software. This feature will be added back in at later date.

NOTE!! Parental Supervision. BlueGrassRivals does not allow persons who are aged thirteen or younger to become members of this site. Bluegrassrivals encourages parents to monitor their children who are under 18 years of age as some topics may not be suitable for children.

See our TERMS OF SERVICE for more information.
*updated September 2, 2020

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