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Bell Co 40 Danville 8
congrats boys!
I would like to know what Danville fans think about Bell?
Does that make the 2nd time Danville has smoked so far?
I havent seen Bell Co this year but I loved their team last year. Defense was tough as nails, and I am sure they improved from last year
Didn't Danville lose a lot last year?
Bell Co. looked great! Lots of speed and size. #78 is HUGE! He was great on the defensive line and opening up holes on offense big enough to drive a truck through. If this is any indication Bell will have a great season. I look forward to watching them again @ Lexington Catholic.
I thought Bell looked good, but I think they are gonna get alot better if they kkep their focus and keep working as hard as they have been to date. I'd also like to know what the Danville crowd thought of Bell.
Bell County Middle looks pretty good but they still need to work hard I am sure they will have some tough games coming up.
Bell did look good and does have speed

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