BGR Member Rules
BGR Member Rules:

1. Personal attacks or threats to another member whether in forum or messaging will result in Suspension. Bashing or taunting of any high school athletes will not be tolerated.
2. Don't reveal personal identities or other confidential information about anyone, including an attempt to divulge, or an attempt to determine a user's identity posted in any BGR forum.
3. Racist, homophobic, or sexist comments will not be tolerated. You are free to express your opinion on any issue with the exception of derogatory or inappropriate comments. Making false claims will result in Suspension. Attempts to discuss criminal behavior of student-athletes is not permitted in the high school forums. Responsible discussion of adult criminal behavior is permitted. Obey all applicable country, state, and federal laws when using this site. Any illegal activity will be handed over to the appropriate authorities which could result in you being criminally prosecuted.
4. Pornography, links to pornography, and/or any other offensive content in any images/avatars/signatures is not accepted. Inappropriate links, avatars, images, or signatures will be removed.
5. Don't advertise competitor or commercial sites via text or in any images/avatars/signatures. Spam will result in Suspension
6. Please keep all threads ON TOPIC at all times. Any excessive attempt to "troll" or get a subject off topic will result in a warning. Any attempt to stay off topic after the warning will result in a suspension.
7. No complaining about or any of its staff members will be permitted. This includes complaining about how the site is managed and how the rules are enforced. If you have a complaint or suggestion please get in touch with a moderator or administrator and it will be addressed. Do not ignore warnings/suggestions by any staff members. If you ignore warnings or continue to complain or argue on the open forums, could result in a suspension.
8. All accounts will require valid email address for set-up. Any duplicate accounts will be terminated linked to a same IP address.

Title Points Expires Warning

Rule #1 -- Inconsiderate to Others 2 10 Day(s)
Rule #2 -- Revealing Identity 15 10 Day(s)
Rule #3 -- Inappropriate Material / False Information 5 10 Day(s)
Rule #4 -- Offensive Content/Links - Signature Rule Violation 5 10 Day(s)
Rule #5 -- Link to Competitor Sites / Spammed Advertisements 1 10 Day(s)
Rule #6 -- Posting Off Topic / Post Padding 1 10 Day(s)
Rule #7 -- Complaining About Site 1 10 Day(s)
Rule #8 -- Multiple Accounts 1 10 Day(s)


If you feel you are being treated unfairly by one of our staff members or you have other concerns please contact (torQQue), (midee1), or (Stardust) immediately.
If we are not available on BGR, you can contact one of us through Facebook.

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