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Powell Co. @ Clark Moores
Powell Co. will bring a very young team into Richmond, Ky to face the always good Clark Moores. Powell has some speed but Clark is "always" tough. I know Clark had one 7th grader last yr. that was the star in both the 7th & the 8th grade game. He was a beast. I will still take Powell Middle 18 - 14.:redboxer:
New Harlan has a transfer that played at Clarks Moore last year. I think he played QB though.
Any word on Powell Co. 6th grade ???? just wondering...
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DEVILOLOGIST Wrote:Any word on Powell Co. 6th grade ???? just wondering...
They havn't played yet but looks like they have a lot of speed. Some really good skill guys. I'll keep you posted.
The Powell 7th graders lost 34 -8. The Powell 8th graders lost 22 -6. The score was 8 - 0 @ half in favor of the Braves. Clark had to much speed. They beat us to the corners and made some long sweep runs. On a positive note, D.J. Jones rushed for about 165 yds and a 75 yd TD. He has some good speed. Learn from your mistakes Powell and get em next time.

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