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East Ky Football All-Stars
This is something that I feel will get some major attention if it is done right. We need a All Star game with east vs west in eastern ky in middle school. As far as confidence booster it will really get them ready even more for high school. We need to get everyone involved and make is fair. Any suggestion will help. If the coaches agree to this then we need to make it happen.
I am in, I will help as much as possible. You should have 3 games. 6th grade game,, 7th grade game and 8th grade game. You could run this first week of November. KCU will prolly let you do it there next year when their field is completed. I have heard that when the field is finished that they are wanting to have GRIDS and Junior Bowl games their too. I also heard that KCU wants to host the East Carter, West Carter game at some time to give them a big County championship game... Rumor maybe but what i heard.

Anyway we could get this going just need a place to play. I think it is a great idea. Need a sponsor for the game and someone to buy the jerseys for the kids.

Great Idea !!!!!!!!!!
Romans 14:11
It is written: " 'As surely as I live,' says the Lord, 'every knee will bow before me; every tongue will confess to God.' "
I am not a coach so all I can do is give ideas. Please pass this to everyone you guys know. There is only one coach I know, and i don't see him that much. Don't know what his take would be on the subject.

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