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Attention All Bluegrass Rival Members 9/9/21
I made the following post several months ago.  No one heeded the warning.  Please reread it because I will be back on this forum a lot more frequently along with Granny Bear and Spud.  Things have gotten way out of hand.  I will either be suspending the guilty members or the whole forum will be shut down.  Thanks.

As many of you have noticed, some of the threads in this forum have become increasingly divisive and increasingly hostile.  We were forced to close and\or move a number of threads due to this.  While it is impossible for all of us to agree on every topic, we ask that you at least respect others.  Please refrain from using insults or resorting to name calling.  Everyone is entitled to his\her own opinion.  That doesn't necessarily make that person wrong.  I will state again; while you may not agree with another member, we ask that you respect that member   We will be monitoring this forum more closely, and we will start handing out sanctions if need be.   If things persist, we may even resort to closing the forum.

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