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Bath County CSI Classic 12/20-22
Dec. 20th

1 PM Garrard County vs. Robertson County
2:30 PM Estill County vs. East Jessamine
4 PM Powell County vs. Boone County
5:30 PM Paris vs. Whitley County
7:30 PM Augusta at Bath County

Dec. 21st

1 PM Paris vs. Estill County
2:30 PM Lewis County vs. Whitley County
4 PM Powell County vs. Garrard County
5:30 PM Augusta vs. Boone County
7:30 PM Robertson County at Bath County

Dec. 22nd 

1 PM Garrard County vs. Paris
2:30 PM Boone County at Bath County
4 PM Powell County vs. Augusta
5:30 PM Estill County vs. Robertson County
7:30 PM Lewis County vs. East Jessamine
Be Humble, Love One Another, Be Family, live for today bc tomorrow isn't promised. It's more than just Baseball. 

Blake Crowe Estill County Head Baseball Coach

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