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MJ or Lebron?
In terms of athletic ability, LeBron James is much better. Championship wise and mentality, still have to give the edge to Jordan.
Pure basketball player wise, not necessarily athlete wise..

1) MJ
2) Kobe
3) LeBron
Lebron no doubt
IMO LeBron is a product of the soft league the NBA has become. You can't breathe on offensive players without getting a foul called.
Best ever
LeBron in that order.
You can never be considered the greatest when at times you don't want the ball at the end.
Lebron is the best athlete to ever play. But MJ is the greatest basketball player in history.
Jordan is still the GOAT for me. I agree that LeBron has a case but the record in the NBA Finals is just so hard to overcome. If one is undefeated in the Finals and he won it six times without any losses, that is a legacy that you can never really exceed. Jordan was iconic as well given the power of his shoe brand. While I agree that LeBron is the greatest player of his generation, Jordan was something special back in his era and he proved that the Bulls can never be matched in terms of success in the Finals without any obstacles.
Lebron is amazing but I think Michael Jordan will forever be an icon and my favourite. Still, I think I can say that they are both great and iconic players.
Is this even up for debate anymore?
Lebron would roll over Prime MJ 1 on 1 any day of the week. it would be embarrassing to say the least.
I dont know if you are getting the same level on consistency on D from Lebron. Id take Jordan creation over lebron D.

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