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ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS: Posting Prediction and Final Score Threads UPDATED!!!
To all the members of BGR.

It seems that everyone has forgotten how to create a prediction and/or final score thread in each of the forums. We've (the Mods and Admins) have had to go back and edit each misspelled/miss-worded each thread title and just thought it would be easier to close a incorrect thread.

So as of now, any incorrect prediction or final score thread, will have a reply with this link to this thread in it and it will be closed and we will continue to do so until threads are made correctly. We're not singling out one person, we're just tired of having to go back and correct each incorrect thread so that it will get attention instead of confusion.

To make it easier, if a team has a long name such as; Kentucky Country Day, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Covington Catholic, St. Xavier you can abbreviate those; KCD, Dunbar, Cov Cath or St. X.

Also as for Trinity schools, please list the town that the school is in, Trinity (Lou) or Trinity (Whitesville)

ALWAYS list the date in the thread title.

Kentucky at Louisville 12/5/19
Clemson @ Duke 11/31/19

Louisville vs Kentucky
Kansas - California Predictions

Kentucky 93 Louisville 21
Texas 81 - Kansas 80 (Overtime)

Duke 57 North Carolina 81

Again, if we come across any incorrect threads, they will have a reply with the link to this thread in the body and will be closed and we will not re-make a new thread for that particular game.

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