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Windows Vista
I have windows vista as my operating system, I have two hard drives a 40 GB and a 75 GB. 40 GB is the main hard drive while the 75 GB is just used for storage, well I have some folders on the 40 GB that are also on my 75 GB, I go to delete the ones on my 40 GB and it says I need permission even tho I'm the computer administrator, I tried the Comman Prompt and it still didn't work, how do I go about fixing that to where I can delete files if I don't need them?

Also, what are some good music (mp3) downloading software, something like limewire, frostwire or blubster, but none of them because they all are horrible.

Those files aren't apart of the Vista Software
you can use dirpy (dirpy.com) or youtube-mp3.org and just copy the URL of any song you want on youtube and download the mp3. Not sure if those links are against the rules...if so I can take them down.

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