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Shelby Valley 34, East Ridge 8 (7th/8th grade)
Shelby Valley dominated from the opening Kick off. Score at the half was 28-0. SV ran the second half kick-off back (Elswick #23) for a touchdown. Starters never played after that and ER scored on a Trey Little run from about 30 yards. Trey played a great game and so did Raliegh. I know this was ER's first game and they will get much better. I really liked the size and athletic ability of their kids. Good luck to ER and its coaching staff.
Was this a 7th/8th grade game? If so, I will change the thread title to show it.

There are currently 2 other threads on this forum about an SV-ER game, so it's good to specify what age played in the thread title.

This was the 8th grade game.
East ridge has several talented players and will be coached up before the playoffs starts..

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