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Post Schedule's
Would like to see some schedule's posted.
Middle School!
^Does KHSAA not handle middle school sports? I know they are a high school organization but I didn't know.
^ no, KHSAA is only High School sports
Only High School
The Kentucky Middle School Football Association was created 4+ years ago because of this very fact. Before us, there was (and in some places that do not play in the association there still is) no accountability for our sport at the middle school level.

We are proud to say that over 135 schools at all different levels now participate state wide. If your program isn't apart of it, you need to ask your coaches, AD, or principal why not! They are keeping opportunities away from YOUR players!

For more information, go to http://www.kymiddleschoolfootball.com or feel free to contact me personally at [email]jtbass@kymiddleschoolfootball.com[/email] Also, KMSFA President Greg Mitchell is available at [email]gmitchell@kymiddleschoolfootball.com[/email]

We are more than happy to answer ANY questions and would love to facilitate any new (and all returning) programs into the KMSFA!!!!!

Good luck and have a great season!
The Russell JFL is looking for games on 10/29. We have teams from 2nd to 8th grade. Info is available at russell-jfl.com.

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