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2021 KHSAA Girls State Tournament Bracket
There could be some great first time, first round matchups as the KHSAA tournament moves to a random draw and RPI based format. The four team region "pods" (WKY/SKY 1-4, LOU 5-8, NKY/LEX 9-12, EKY 12-16) format is gone.  RPI will now determine the host teams through rounds one and two.

Upper Bracket:
R3 v R6
R1 v R2

R7 v R5
R4 v R8

Lower Bracket:
R14 v R13
R12 v R16

R15 v R11*
R9 v R10

* If Prestonsburg wins the 15th Region title tonight, they'll host whoever comes out of the Lexington region, based on a better RPI.
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