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2020 kymsfa schedule
Coaches & AD's,

Game week 1 is here, good luck to all teams. Home teams, please make sure you are corresponding with your travel teams on your attendance guidelines as the season progresses.

Player Shout outs - Coaches make sure this link gets to your parents (or have them follow the Facebook page) we will be doing weekly player shout outs. https://kymsfa.formstack.com/forms/kymsf...t_out_form

Below are some highlights for this week.

1. Game score reports - Don't forget to submit them (I will send link in separate email)
2. Online Registrations - Lets get those in ASAP, payment is due by September 30th
3. Hosting sites for regionals - Region 1 (west KY) need two sites please
4. New playoff Dates are below
5. Region vs Region Event in Spring 2021 - Need coaches please let me know if interested
6. Verified Rosters and Team Schedules - Due by September 30th.
7. We will have post season tryout schedules posted in the next few weeks

NEW Deadlines for 2020 Season.
KYMSFA will be extending he Registration, Team Roster, Team Schedule Deadlines to September 30, 2020.

KYMSFA playoff dates for 2020

KYMSFA was worked diligently trying to push back our playoffs as late as possible so teams can get in as many conference/regular season games as possible. Below is the new (and final) 2020 KYMSFA playoffs schedule.

October 17, 2020 - Play in Round (normally this round only has 5-7 games played that day in total)
October 24. 2020 - First Round
October 31, 2020 - Second Round
November 7 & 8, 2020 - Regional Finals
November 14 & 15, 2020 - Semi Finals
November 21 & 22, 2020 - Championships

What KYMSFA needs teams to do and know?

1. Please submit online registration ASAP, the quicker those get in, the quicker we can look at # of teams for 2020 to determine regional alignments by Division and how many games are need in those early rounds. This may perhaps give teams an extra week for a regular season game. (see link below)

2. Several have asked about the game minimum for playoffs, we are going to amend those for 2020 to the # of weeks we will have to be validated by (either 4 or 5 for 2020)

3. Seeding for the playoffs will be done like normal

4. Regional, Semi Finals, and Championship rounds may require Sunday game play.

5. Tryouts for Post season teams, these will be non contact tryouts for 2020, on Sundays in October. We are planning on regional based tryouts, to help with travel. Details and specific dates to follow in the next few weeks.

6. Be as flexible as you can, 2020 is not going to be a normal season.

All Star Classic 2020
After careful consideration, KYMSFA has decided not to have the All Star Classic Event this Thanksgiving weekend. However, we are planning on a new event for the spring, see below.

Spring 2021 New KYMSFA Event
Have you ever wondered what region is the best in the state? Yes some years, certain regions win more State Championships than others, but which region really is the best. Well in spring 2021 we are going to find out. In March 2021 KYMSFA will be hosting its first Region Battle in the Bluegrass. Make sure your players attend one of the October 2020 tryouts so they can be apart of this brand new event. Teams will be selected by Region (one 8th grade team, one 7th grade team,) 40 players per team, with coaching staffs from that region. Teams will get two Saturdays to practice together, and then come to town one weekend in March to battle it out against the other 3 regions in the state. More details will come on the event in the next few weeks. Right now we need coaches, a lot of them, to be apart of this new KYMSFA. Let me know if you are interested in coaching as staffs need to be selected soon.

As always contact one of your KYMSFA Board Members with any questions you have.
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