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ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS - Posting Scores and Creating Prediction Threads
[SIZE="6"]It seems like everyone post scoring threads with different titles, which creates a mess on the board and makes it difficult to sort through
quickly to read scores.

When posting scores PLEASE simply title your thread per the example below:

Maytown 62 - Auxier 30

Also, please spell out the teams names.

[COLOR="Red"][COLOR="Red"]Example: JBS 55 - PCC 55

Correct Way: June Buchanan 55 - Perry Co. Central 55[/COLOR][/COLOR]

When creating a new thread regarding a prediction between two teams, make sure that you put the date in the title as well.

EX: Lakers @ Knicks 11/30

Also, make sure you spell teams names out. There are many other LC's, JC's, PCC's, etc. out there.

It's simple, fast and easy. Thank you.[/SIZE]

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