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7 on 7 @ University of Kentucky - June 11th
You guys get a little to serious on here. Northern Pulaski has a fantastic group of kids, and I know that LC has a great group of kids as well. Both of these teams should do well this year. However, one thing I noticed on the post, everyone has left out the 20 1st or 2nd year teams in Louisville. Their is no question that half of them should be a tough beat. Farnsley made it to the championship game last year as a first year team. I also know that JCTMS and WESTPORT will be very tough in pads. It seems to me that arguing between 2 teams is not that significant considering there are nearly 140 teams that participate that have some great kids and coaches on them. I know as a parent of a high school player and a coach of several years that all these kids should be celebrated.

I just hope as a new coach to a new school that we win a couple games and have a helluva lot of fun while we do it!
BM82 Wrote:The post about who won was by my son, I can assure you that was not me. I also do not allow any of our kids to show up an opponent. When I asked about Sept 1st it was only because I have our schedule and Pulaski was not on it. None of the other coaches know anything about it either. If we get that oppritunity may the best team win. I dont bash young players or coaches, I only state facts. Victory or defeat I walked over to their sideline, looked them in their eyes, and shook their hands. Sept 1st you can find me if there is a game, I am not hard to find.

LC's been on our schedule for a few months now on that date. I'll have to check with our coach to see if they've canceled already. I've stated facts also. Except for the sarcastic comments directed at LCDAD, it was all in fun though.
It has now been confirmed..... Sept 1st LC vs NP:Thumbs:
I had our coach confirm it around the end of last week also. Sorry for the delay on posting it on here, haven't been on in a few days. Good luck!

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