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Johnson County Middle School wins Middle School State Wrestling Championship
The Johnson County Middle School wrestling team won the school division state championship this past Saturday (2/4) in Louisville.
There are different divisions in Middle School and Elementary School wrestling (clubs & schools) as far as the overall team standings go, but the individual championships are not classed.

Individual Place Winners
Nick Giompalo; 3rd place @ 75 lbs.
Jacob Cain; 5th place @ 92 lbs.
Dylan Preston; 6th place @ 130 lbs.
Levid Rodriguez; 3rd place @152 lbs.
Zach Russell; 1st place @; 190 lbs.
Cameron Willis; 1st place @ 240 lbs.

Total team score of 127 points for 1st place in the School division.
Johnson County won their District, Regional and the State championship this season.

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