Full Version: Oregon(2) @ USC-Updates
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Oregon first scoring drive lasted jus about two minutes and 37 seconds. 4:56 left in the 1st.

3 and out for Oregon. Pass was dropped.
Punt returner ran out of bounds around midfield. USC sets up shop.
Trick play from USC. Long pass down to around zoregon 20, Pass interefence on Oregon.
They came out in the wildcat, handed it from the jet sweep who tossed it to Berkley who threw it.
Offsides oN Oregon. USC at around the 20.
Pass to woods brought down @ the 10 yard line.
Pass to woods, down at the goalline.
2nd and goal for USC.
Touchdown USC. Marc Tyler Run.

1:30 left in the 1st.

Oregon returns to about the 21.
2and and 7 for oregon at the USC 40.
4th down for Oregon at the end of the 1st.
Punt downed at the USC 6.
3 n out for USC.
Punt returned to around midfield.
TD Oregon. James run.

12:27 left in the 2nd. 42 Yard run.
USC retunrs to there own 40.
Barkley pass to Johnson to around the Oregon 20.
USC run to the Oregon 10.
Marc Tyler.
8:50 left in the 2nd.