Full Version: Kentucky @ Mississippi State 10/30
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as bad as i hate to say it, i say mississippi state rolls past UK.

7:00 pm


Wont be easy to leave Starkville with a win, I just hope we pull it out. Go Cats.
Miss. St.
Mississippi St. will leave the Cats disappointed once again
Can't see the Cats getting an SEC road win.
I'm a UK faithful, but i don't see it happening.

But, I'd be more than pleased to be proved wrong. Go CATS!
UAB played Miss St down to the wire tonight @ MSU. I'd say we are a 10x better than UAB so we will have a chance, we cant turn the ball over and give them points.
Kentucky will get some payback from last year. UK 31 Miss St 24
The CATS have beaten better this season, and have lost to better. I say UK, but wouldn't surprise me if we aint even in the game.
Don't lose heart fans, I believe that the Wildcats see how much this win means and get it done.
KY needs this game!!!
Miss ST runs the ball. UK's D cant stop the run. another long game for the cats

Miss St will not let our pitiful defense stop them from pulling this one out. I will say that the Dogs will be up for this one in a big way. State wins by 10.
Derek Locke will not be making the trip to Starksville, not very good news for us.
It is not setting up well for the good guys.
The Cats get beat very Bad im a UK fan but they have
alot of work to do and time is running out maybe next year
i dont even see us making a Bowl game this year .
Is Evans healthy? Our defense really needs to step it up, but at the same time, the offense has to quit causing turnovers. To me those are the keys to the game.
I agree with most on the thread, Mississippi State wins 38-24..
If Cobb and LOcke have a good night we will get through.:Thumbs:
Hartline will have to be on target.TongueirateSho If we turn the ball over we wont win.:flush:

Prove me wroung cats!:please: