Full Version: LSU/Auburn Updates
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Halftime 10-10.

Start of the 3rd Quarter. LSU will receive.
4th Down for LSU. LSU Punts.
Pentaly on Auburn. Replay first down.
Michael Dyer Huge gain to Auburn 35.
Gain of 29.
Cam Newton HUGE TOuchdown Run. About a 50 yard run.
Play is under review to see if Newton crossed plane.
Ruling stands, Touchdown. Cam Newton for hiesman.
Auburn 17
LSU 10
3 and Out For LSU.
Auburn to start shop @ the 20.

9:28 in the 3rd.
3 and out for Auburn.
3rd and 8 for LSU.
3 and out for LSU.
Auburn starts around there own goaline.
Looks like a safety, ruling says no safety, under review.
Ruling stands, 3rd down and 11 for AU.
Auburn 3 and out.
Block in the back on the LSU return on LSU. LSU starts around own 45.
3 and out for LSU.

3:22 left in the 3rd.
LSU- 10
Punt down at the Auburn 1. WOW what a punt.
Cam Newton gets the 1st.
Dyer about a 9 yard gain.
Dyer gets the 1st.
End of the 3rd.

Auburn 3 and out.
Punt returned to the 50.
LSU gains to about the Auburn 40.
Jefferson gets the 1st down.
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