Full Version: Mississppi State 10 - (22) Florida 7
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Where was florida's high powered offense in this game?
Interesting day in the SEC!
I actually figured that Mississippi State would win this, but I didn't think the score would be this low.
Dan Mullen is doing one HECK of a job in Starkville. Whats sad, is that they will probably finish 5th in the SEC West and go 8-4, lol..the SEC East is wiiiiiiide open, and I am not counting out Georgia just yet! But congrats to MSU! Gonna be weird not seeing Florida in the top 25.
Anyday Florida loses and Kentucky wins, is a good day.
What's that sound?

Oh, it's just people falling off the UF Bandwagon. :Clap:
Aslan Wrote:Anyday Florida loses and Kentucky wins, is a good day.

Florida football is reloading, after all that they have lost in the last three years, it's amazing that they are still where they have been at this season. next year, the Gators will be a legit National Championship contender!