Full Version: Shelby Valley 22 Belfry 20 Final OT
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Shelby valley pulled out a tough win tonight over a great belfry team!
This now means Shelby Valley is #1 in the county. I can't wait for the playoffs to come around. Should be a great season. GO Valley!!!
This was the greatest middle school game that I have ever seen , Valley showed their grit when the game was on the line but I was very impressed with how well Belfry done playing with a true 8th grade team .
I was very Proud of the way the Belfry Team played , This is a great team , and you will be hearing more from this team ... we play SV is a few weeks , hopefully the officiating will be a little better.
I think you guys play GC this year right?? GC is a tough team to play, from what I hear alot of their kids play freshman ball because they can produce.. Great Job for being #1 inthe county, if you guys do play GC good luck, they sound tough.
Yea we are supposed to, ive heard the same. Hopefully we can pull out a win! And thanks.
wow 2 loses in county this year,whats going on over there ?