Full Version: UK/UNC Updates
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14-10 UK with 13:23 to go in the 1st
Bradley fouled.. he will go to the line for 2
he hits them both
UNC hits 2 free throws

Rondo forces a good

3 for Miller- UNC

Bradley to Carter for 2
Easy bucket down low for UNC

UK misses.. rebound UNC

UNC hits a 3

10-2 run for UNC... 20-18 UNC
Thomas is fouled... he will shoot 2
he hits the first... misses the 2nd... unc rebounds

Foul on Perry
Terry-UNC hits them both

Sparks checks in for Rondo
22-19 UNC
Sparks misses the long 3... UNC rebounds
UNC with a long 3
UK better get things going
Thomas with 2

Bradley with the deflection...UNC ball after the TO
Terry with 2 for UNC

Bradley with a nice baseline shot

UNC hits a 3
Turnover UK... their 4th.. UNC has 1

Hansbrough-UNC fouled down low by Rondo... he hits 1
Rondo fouled.. he will shoot 2.. he missed both

UNC misses.. but foul called down low on Carter...bad call IMO
UNC misses the free throw.. they rebound.. miss the shot

UKs fast break didn't work.. they will inbound the ball
Sparks with a 3!
Sparks playing good defense.. but he gets a foul.. another bad call
UNC to the line...they hit the 1st and the 2nd

UNC deflects the ball.. but he doesn't get the TO
Spakrs turns it over...

UNC shoots a 3..misses... rebound Sims
he loses it... jump ball...UNC ball under their basket
UNC misses a 3.. they rebund... misses another 3... Rondo rebounds

Moss is fouled...he missed the 1st, hits the 2nd
Thomas checks in for Shag
Appears UNC has come to play
UNC with another 3

Thomas with a nice pass to Rondo down low.. Rondo with a nice finish

UK with some good defense... jump ball.. it will belong to UK after the TO
Perry misses... rebounding foul on Thomas

Rondo hits a shot

UNC with a basket

Moss misses a 3

UNC turnover
Moss blocked... UNC rebounds

UNC with a 3

Time out UK
Rondo fouled...he hits the first.. misses the 2nd
UNC rebounds

Miller-UNC misses a 3.. UNC rebounds

UNC misses another 3... UNC rebounds once again

UNC misses a shot down low.. the rebound and put it back in

44-32 UNC at the half
UK will have to step it up in the second half, perhaps underestimated UNC
Uk looks terrible. No body looking to score and thier defense is just standing around.
I dunno what tubby said at the half. But its working. Ky on a 7-0 run.
Id say it was "inspirational" to say the least
Go HEELS!!!!!!!! quit working....