Full Version: The Real Tim Tebow
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This story is very touching and shows the side that Tim Tebow that no one would ever think of.
I read about a time where Tim went to the Philipines and preached to them. He is a very good man. He would do anything just to help people out. A very good role model.
Yeah I read about this when he was a senior in high school...he was home-schooled so he would be able to go on missions with his parents. He was able to play at Neese because he lived in the school district. Old news...
Vundy, if this was a report about a drug or sex scandel then your response would probably be different. What Tebow is doing is life changing-eternally. Sports are sports, but hopefully what he is doing can change someone's life.
I may not like him to much when he is playing Kentucky but Tebow is a good player and a great person.
I hope he leave College early because of UK but I hope he becomes the best player in the NFL.
RavenBoy Wrote:I hope he leave College early because of UK but I hope he becomes the best player in the NFL.

He will be a great player in the NFL, IMO.
Tebow is one of my favorite College Football players, unless he is playing against Kentucky. Anyways, that's a great read.
That was a great story, and he is a great person. Love him until he plays UK but one thing does bug me about this article. We hear all this about Tebow but what about the kids at the other schools. Of course he is the Heisman trophy winner, but lets take a look at Jacob Tamme for instance. This kid lives for God every second of his life and does extraordinary things, touching many peoples lives. What about him you never hear about it just bugs me some what!
Tim Tebow is a great player and a **** of a QB for the Florida Gators