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Oh there will be some upset CAT fans that will do more damage then the storm did if they dont get to see there
CATS play.
Lawsuits may be filed but can you really sue for an "act of God."

I'm sure that's how they'll explain it away.

Why the GA Dome was okay enough to play in last night, but is not okay to play in today is ???

Choosing a 9100-seat venue wasn't smart IMO.
I thought it was strange that they said that it wasn't safe to finish the game but said people shouldn't leave the building.
The Southeastern Conference announced that the remaining schedule of the 2008 SEC Basketball Tournament is as follows:
Saturday, March 15
Game 8 – Georgia vs. Kentucky – 12 p.m. ET
Game 9 – Tennessee vs. Arkansas – 6 p.m. ET
Game 10 – Mississippi State vs. Winner of Game 8 – 8:30 p.m. ET
Sunday, March 16
Game 11 – Championship Game (Winner Game 9 vs. Winner Game 10) – 3 p.m. ET
This format is based on an agreement between athletic directors and head coaches of the participating institutions after consultation with Tom O'Connor, chair of the Division I Men's Basketball Committee. O'Connor reaffirmed that since the league decides it automatic qualifier to the NCAA Tournament by its conference tournament champion, the competition must be completed prior to the announcement of the NCAA championship field.
Because of damage to the Georgia Dome caused by severe storms in Atlanta on Friday night, the remaining games of the SEC Basketball Tournament will be played at Alexander Memorial Coliseum, on the campus of Georgia Tech University. Arrangements for television broadcast will be announced as soon as they become available. Out of respect for public safety demands that are required in the aftermath of Friday's storms, access to the remaining games of the championship will be limited to student-athletes' family members, cheerleaders, bands and other credentialed individuals.
If/when someone or a group decides to sue they won't sue on the basis of it being an act of God which prevented the playing of the game. They'll sue based on the fact that the game was still played, in the same city, within hours (also keep in mind that the "fan ban" is not only in effect for the UK/UGA game, but for all remaining games of the tourny) but the powers that be made a conscious decision to not allow ANY general fans into the game.

They could also work on the basis of not having any type of contingency plan should the stadium not be operational for any reason.

As for the venue, I'm not sure of the stadium capacities of surrounding stadiums, but I believe most people would have been more than happy to travel up to 2 hours or even more to be hosted by a larger stadium to guarantee their admission, especially if they were told "you can go 2 hours away and watch it or we'll have it right here in Atlanta but no fans can enter."

I think it showed a complete lack of preparation of behalf of those who are over these types of decisions. There are numerous "what if" scenarios that could have rendered the venue unusable for a day which would have led to the same confusion.
Benchwarmer Wrote:I thought it was strange that they said that it wasn't safe to finish the game but said people shouldn't leave the building.

I think this would most easily be summed up as being inside the dome is much safer than being outside unprotected during a tornado, but the building still isn't safe enough to resume normal activities as if there wasn't a disaster occurring.
How boring will this game be to watch if there are no fans there? Yeah, there'll be a band and cheerleaders, but who will the cheerleaders be cheering to? The media guy trying to take a picture?

"Go Big Blue!" - - - echo, echo, echo.....
With the fan situation it will be like watching a freshman game in high school.
Tomcat68 Wrote:No doubt about it that there will be MANY lawsuits filed against the NCAA/SEC and anyone else who is deemed responsible for the actions. Though I will understand the reason for these people's frustrations, I don't agree with filing a lawsuit though I'm sure it will happen.
Lawsuits will lose....tornado is an act of God.
what was the decision? To call that foul on the inbounds play.
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