Full Version: #22 Kansas State 84 - #2 Kansas 75
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Beasly and Walker guarnteed the Win and they did it!!!!
Final. First time since 1983 that State has beat rival Kansas.
Wow!! Didn't see that coming!!
Just when I thought the Jayhawks were the best in the land... How is Memphis doing with Houston?
I know Kansas was undefeated at all but it was an easy pick for me...KSU is just one of those teams that can upset anyone.
Bill Walker had a nice game for KS. I didn't see this one coming either, Kansas looked to be the cream of the crop in college basketball.
This was really suprising. I thought Kansas shoulve been #1 but after this game i suspect them to fall to about #6.
IM so glad that Kansas got beat, Memphis will be the real #1
Congrats Memphis
Congrats KS!