Full Version: Connecticut 68 #7 Indiana 63
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Final from Assembly Hall in Indiana. Loss ends the Hoosiers 27 game home winning streak. Congrats to Calhoun and the Huskies on a huge trademark win and this should give them a huge ride of momentum and confidence.
UK wins and IU gets a loss. Great day.

Congrats to UCONN on a great win, I was watching gameday earlier this morning and no one was giving them a chance in this game.
AHAHA I picked this game!
Good, I hate IU
IM a big UK fan, but to me IU doesnt seem like a big rivalry to me so I like to see IU win but not against UK and I also love to watch #23 for the Hoosiers(Eric Gordon), Man UCONN is coming on strong here lately
GREAT game for U-CONN.
Gordon looked horrible in this game, He actually had a good team play against them and couldnt handle it.