Full Version: (Women's) UK 66 South Carolina 62 (Final)
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Kentucky struggles to make free throws down the stretch but hold on for the road win. The Cats are now 10-9 overall and 4-1 in SEC play. This team could be setting itself up for a shot at an NCAA tournament bid before season's end.
congrats uk
lol.. i'm glad someone changed that to add (womens), i thought i was going crazy and missed watching the men's team playing..
Sorry mr. football I forgot Smile Smile
Brooks4Prez Wrote:Sorry mr. football I forgot Smile Smile

haha lol thats okay.. it just got me to pay closer attention to the schedule lol
UK women are starting to get going. Just like the men!
Congrats Lady Cats!
Lady cats are rolling in the SEC....

Go Big Blue !!!